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Blunt Talk: Boundaries and Consent While Using Cannabis

January 8 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm CST

An image of the online event listing for blunt talk on January 8, 2024 hosted by Wicked Grounds.

Navigating consent in BDSM dynamics is a nuanced conversation, and cannabis use adds an additional layer of complexity.

As cannabis use (THC and CBD) becomes more normalized, understanding its impact on consent within kink and BDSM dynamics and play is vital. Led by Board-certified sexologist Lilithfoxx, this workshop delves into the unique considerations that arise when cannabis is present in BDSM and kink situations. Participants will learn strategies for discussing preferences and consent beforehand, mitigating risks, recognizing how cannabis might affect consent communication, and staying aware of nonverbal cues and intoxication levels. The insights and tools provided will foster healthy, consensual connections in scenarios where cannabis is part of the equation.


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