A pink background with red lipstick kisses all over it. Sitting on the background there is an unused external condom and its package.

Sexier Safer Sex With External Condoms

Putting an external condom on during intimate moments does not have to be awkward or interrupt intimacy. In fact, it can enhance the pleasure and experience.

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A woman with red lipstick on, biting her lower lip seductively.

What Do I Actually Want? Taking an Intimacy Inventory

Is what you’re “consenting” to in the moment what you actually want? In this class, you’ll learn to complete an “intimacy inventory” that will help you have this conversation first and foremost with yourself.

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An image of a man and woman sitting on the ground cross-legged and working on their laptops, facing one another. They are looking at the laptops and smiling, and graphics of red hearts are coming out from each laptop.

Long Distance Dynamics – Part 2: Adapting Protocols & Expectations

This class takes a realistic approach to making long-distance dynamics work (or not).

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A young woman with long blonde hair lights candle on a small lap desk. There's also a mug of hot tea, a notepad and pen, and her laptop in front of her.

Long Distance Dynamics – Part 1: Intentionality & Restructuring

This class takes a realistic approach to making long-distance dynamics work (or not).

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An image of a journal with script writing and red paper cut out hearts on the corner of the journal.

Unfuck Your Relationship Escalator: (Re)Building Healthy Relationship Foundations

No matter your level of experience with non-monogamy, “The Relationship Escalator” is bound to sneak up on you a time or two! But what if that’s not a bad thing?

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Paper cut outs of face silhouettes in multiple colors to represent skin tones, on a gray background.

Creating Inclusive Kink Spaces for BIPOC

This class will teach actionable steps to create safer spaces for BIPOC – because a diversity statement isn’t enough.

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An abstract image of a brain in colorful triangles and a neural network expanding from it.

Getting Freaky in the Spreadsheets: Negotiating With Neurodiversity

This class will discuss ways to negotiate play and dynamics with neurodiversity in mind!

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An image of a BDSM themed background. There are leather cuffs and roses.

Boundaries That Get You Off: How to Pleasure-Focus Your Communication in BDSM Negotiations

Join sexologist and intimacy educator, Lilithfoxx, as she discusses pleasure-focused and practical tips for effective, inclusive, trauma-informed, and mindful communication in BDSM.

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An image of a woman from the shoulders down filming a demo of her describing adult toys. She is dressed in a professional blouse and sitting at a desk. There is a phone on a tripod in front of her.

Social Media Marketing for Kinky Brands

Lilithfoxx will draw on her years of experience in senior-level marketing for Fortune 500 companies to help you build a low-risk, high-reward social media strategy for your sex-positive and kinky brand that works FOR you, not the other way around.

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A sex coach working with a client on discussing sex and relationship coaching practices, the differences between sex coaching and sex therapy, and what to expect when hiring a sex coach.

Why You Should Consider Working with a Sex and Relationship Coach

We all yearn for fulfilling, meaningful, and satisfying relationships and sexual experiences. However, achieving this is not always straightforward. Importantly, there are crucial differences between a coach and a sex therapist. We’ll explore all these and more! Here are considerations and benefits to working with and hiring a sex and relationship coach. Understanding the Role...

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