An image of a sex positive woman putting a sex toy to her lips seductively

Sex Positivity in Practice: Tips and Techniques for Bringing Positive Energy into Your Intimacy

Sex positivity is all about embracing your sexual desires and exploring them in a way that feels empowering, respectful, and fulfilling. To clarify, this means exploring them however that may feel authentic for you. Nowadays, where shame and stigma around sexuality can often run rampant, practicing sex positivity can be a powerful way to cultivate...

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A sex coach working with a client on discussing sex and relationship coaching practices, the differences between sex coaching and sex therapy, and what to expect when hiring a sex coach.

Why You Should Consider Working with a Sex and Relationship Coach

We all yearn for fulfilling, meaningful, and satisfying relationships and sexual experiences. However, achieving this is not always straightforward. Importantly, there are crucial differences between a coach and a sex therapist. We’ll explore all these and more! Here are considerations and benefits to working with and hiring a sex and relationship coach. Understanding the Role...

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