Paper cut outs of face silhouettes in multiple colors to represent skin tones, on a gray background.

Creating Inclusive Kink Spaces for BIPOC

Creating Inclusive Kink Spaces for BIPOC

This class will teach actionable steps to create safer spaces for BIPOC – because a diversity statement isn’t enough.

This class is taught alongside NordStar, an internationally licensed professional mental health practitioner with over a decade of experience in organizational psychology. Lilithfoxx and NordStar first presented this class as a Non-black POC panel in 2020, and have restructured the class to be taught by NordStar and LilithFoxx collaboratively. Since then, several dungeons around the world have utilized what they learned in the class to create safer and more inclusive spaces for BIPOC folx in their communities. Lilith and Nord share a passion for service and education to the community. They have dedicated their time, personal, and professional experiences to promoting inclusivity for BIPOC folx in the global kink community.

Personal experiences may be shared, however the primary goal is teaching attendees what specifically they can do NOW in their communities to create positive change.

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