A pink background with red lipstick kisses all over it. Sitting on the background there is an unused external condom and its package.

Sexier Safer Sex With External Condoms

Sexier Safer Sex With External Condoms

Putting an external condom on during intimate moments does not have to be awkward or interrupt intimacy. In fact, it can enhance the pleasure and experience.

It’s time to make safer sex sexier! Changing the perspective and destigmatizing safer sex encourages open communication, consent, and trust between sexual partners. In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How safer sex is an extension of consent – and why consent is sexy!
  • Destigmatized and medically accurate safer sex discussions.
  • How to negotiate safer sex in a destigmatized and pleasure-focused way.
  • Best practices for external condom use on sex toys, and during oral, anal, vaginal penetration.
  • How to put an external condom on your partner using only your mouth.
  • How to put an external condom on yourself while continuing foreplay and intimacy.

This workshop does not contain nudity or live body demos. Dildos and sex toys will be used and demonstrated on to show techniques for external condom use. All genders and relationship configurations (or lack thereof) welcome.