An image of a sex positive woman putting a sex toy to her lips seductively

Sex Positivity in Practice: Tips and Techniques for Bringing Positive Energy into Your Intimacy

Nowadays, where shame and stigma around sexuality can often run rampant, practicing sex positivity can be a powerful way to cultivate a healthy, positive relationship with your sexuality.

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An image of a woman in lingerie with leather bondage straps. She is holding a riding crop, and starting BDSM play as she seductively looks into the camera.

The Ultimate Guide to Introducing BDSM Into Your Relationship

Check out our ultimate guide to introduce BDSM into your relationship. Learn to start BDSM safely, ensuring mutual pleasure and trust.

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A man and a woman pensively sitting on a bed while smoking cannabis.

Blunt Talk: Boundaries and Consent While Using Cannabis

Learn crucial strategies for establishing boundaries in adult relationships involving cannabis use.

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An image of an artist's paint palette with multiple paints, colors, brushes, and mediums scattered on it.

The Pleasure Palette: Exploring and Expanding Your Erotic Menu

Lilithfoxx will guide you through a variety of fun and safe ways to explore and experiment with new sexual experiences.

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A woman with red lipstick on, biting her lower lip seductively.

What Do I Actually Want? Taking an Intimacy Inventory

Is what you’re “consenting” to in the moment what you actually want? In this class, you’ll learn to complete an “intimacy inventory” that will help you have this conversation first and foremost with yourself.

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An abstract image of a brain in colorful triangles and a neural network expanding from it.

Getting Freaky in the Spreadsheets: Negotiating With Neurodiversity

This class will discuss ways to negotiate play and dynamics with neurodiversity in mind!

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An image of BDSM equipment on a wooden table, for the blog post what does BDSM stand for

What Does BDSM Stand For?

Have you ever wondered, "What does BDSM stand for?" Well, you're certainly not alone!

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