A jar of coconut oil against a pink background on a wooden turntable with coconuts behind the jar.

The Coconut Oil Debate: Can You Use Coconut Oil as Lube?

Explore the pros and cons of using coconut oil as lube, including safety, effectiveness, and impact on sexual health.

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A jet of water squirting out of a geyser.

Is Squirt Pee? Unraveling the Science Behind Squirting

Explore the truth behind the question "Is squirt pee?" as we delve into the scientific explanations and debunk common myths about squirting.

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An image of Butter Wellness the water-based lubricant and the personal massager. The massager is covered in the water-based lube.

Review: Butter Wellness – The Water-Based Lubricant

Check out my review of men's wellness company, Butter Wellness, 'The Water-Based Lubricant'. Glycerin, glycol paraben, and fragrance-free.

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Review: Butter Wellness – The Personal Massager

When Butter Wellness reached out about trying their men’s vibrator, exclusively for external prostate play, I was intrigued! Could it actually lead to a prostate orgasm without anal penetration?

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An image of a sex positive woman putting a sex toy to her lips seductively

Sex Positivity in Practice: Tips and Techniques for Bringing Positive Energy into Your Intimacy

Nowadays, where shame and stigma around sexuality can often run rampant, practicing sex positivity can be a powerful way to cultivate a healthy, positive relationship with your sexuality.

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A pink background with red lipstick kisses all over it. Sitting on the background there is an unused external condom and its package.

Sexier Safer Sex With External Condoms

Putting an external condom on during intimate moments does not have to be awkward or interrupt intimacy. In fact, it can enhance the pleasure and experience.

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A woman with red lipstick on, biting her lower lip seductively.

What Do I Actually Want? Taking an Intimacy Inventory

Is what you’re “consenting” to in the moment what you actually want? In this class, you’ll learn to complete an “intimacy inventory” that will help you have this conversation first and foremost with yourself.

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A sex coach working with a client on discussing sex and relationship coaching practices, the differences between sex coaching and sex therapy, and what to expect when hiring a sex coach.

Why You Should Consider Working with a Sex and Relationship Coach

Here are considerations and benefits to working with and hiring a sex and relationship coach.

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