A couple intimately in an embrace during BDSM aftercare. They are focused on emotionally debriefing for well-being.

Nurturing Emotional Well-being: The Comprehensive Guide to BDSM Aftercare and Self-Exploration

This comprehensive guide explores the importance of BDSM aftercare, different types of aftercare, considerations for various types of play, negotiating aftercare, the concept of emotional drop, and reframing it as an opportunity for self-exploration through journaling and self-care.

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An image of a BDSM themed background. There are leather cuffs and roses.

Boundaries That Get You Off: How to Pleasure-Focus Your Communication in BDSM Negotiations

Join sexologist and intimacy educator, Lilithfoxx, as she discusses pleasure-focused and practical tips for effective, inclusive, trauma-informed, and mindful communication in BDSM.

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