A woman with red lipstick on, biting her lower lip seductively.

What Do I Actually Want? Taking an Intimacy Inventory

What Do I Actually Want? Taking an Intimacy Inventory

In the context and presence of play, sexuality, and intimacy, it can be difficult to articulate exactly what your boundaries and desires are; You leave a lot to assumption, hormones, and trauma-responses. 

Is what you’re “consenting” to in the moment what you actually want? In this class, you’ll learn to complete an “intimacy inventory” that will help you have this conversation first and foremost with yourself. This trauma-informed approach to determining your needs and wants is applicable to intimacy, sexuality, kink, gender, relationships, and more! Topics of discussion include:

  • Why negotiating or communicating boundaries mid-scene or in the moment can be problematic.
  • How to communicate effectively and avoid assumptions of understanding.
  • Trauma-responses, social and other factors that may compromise consent and effective communication.
  • Trauma-informed approaches to communicating and understanding needs and boundaries with intimacy, sexuality, kink, gender (and expression), relationships, and more.
  • How to take an intimacy inventory, and how to incorporate the work into your personal growth and development.

This class is suitable for everyone, and is especially geared towards for survivors of trauma, assault, and abuse.